• Usenet and Board Update

    From Dave to All on Thu Jul 21 06:36:53 2022
    I've added Usenet connectivity through the board.
    The alt. groups have been culled in some hope of keeping things a little sane, but there are still some 10,000 odd groups. Binary groups have mostly been stripped, and probably won't work anyway as I've intentionally used a provider who doesn't allow them upstream.
    Viewing them through the "Forum" on the web interface is hard on the web server, so expect it to be slow. Via the board itself, it seems to like showing you the group description rather than the name which makes it a little difficult to find anything useful.

    I suspect I'll cut the group list down a lot further based upon the descriptions. Being Usenet, most of it is junk. Not a small job either way. Also - FWIW, the default behaviour is for the software to only show messages after the groups were added rather than backfilling. I can work around it, but I'm not going to with 10,000 groups. I might if I can get that list down further. I've culled about 30,000 groups this morning already, so I've had enough of that for the moment.

    Email: Emails to the @bofhnet.au domain weren't working correctly. I had the DNS configured correctly, but for whatever reason Haraka didn't get an update from Vpopmail when I added the domain, so it was rejecting mail externally. I've fixed that now that I've realised it's an issue. At some point I'll look at leveraging the built in board mail system to handle that domain instead so it all works like it's supposed to.