• Re: 30 super carry

    From Jimmy Anderson@VERT/FINALZON to JIMMY ANDERSON on Thu Jan 5 11:21:00 2023
    WOW! First, sorry for the delayed reply! The BBS I normally
    log into has been down, so I'm checking ohters for echomail...

    Another possible contender is the brand new S&W 'CSX' pistol which is
    an all-steel hammer gun, even smaller than the Shield, and also in

    Hmm... I missed the fact that it's going to be available in 30SC
    - thought it was 9mm only! Will be going to check that out now...

    Ooops, my mistake. Just checked and it is indeed only 9mm.

    Maybe they will though - would be a good platform!

    Okay - went to a local show last month and 'put my hands' on a
    CSX finally - too small for my hands...

    The same table had an M&P full size 9mm with a flat trigger and
    an optics plate! Now THAT felt good!!!

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